League of Angels Review: A Second Look

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Ok so I took a second look at League of Angels. A lot of people are still swearing by this game. Calling it the best browser mmo out there. While I'll never call anything that. I can see why they say it. But I don't really agree with it, but let's take a look and you guys tell me.


Plenty to do for a browser game. Maybe the most I have ever seen in a game like this. And that's with me being only lvl 30. It has more activities than some games max level.

It has a power system so its auto pay2win before you see anything else. With that said because so many systems exist in the game. If a diligent gamer does everything he can keep up with the pack. But I caution you on this because it's a lot to do.

The Angels are sexy, but a little over the top. The higher level you get the more they're over the top. But don't get me wrong they're the key to this game. If you want to be strong you need a strong angel.

Has plenty of endgame and dungeons. This is also rare for games of this manner. Almost seems to encourage you to gear farm. Which also almost NEVER happens in this sort of game.

Currency in the game is pretty on point. As long as you do everything you will never run out of funds.


Let's not kid ourselves. Games that use power systems are pay2win. The only difference is how bad it is or good it is.

This is a pro but having too much is a con. Because a busy person whose free2play will never be able to keep up. This will push you into paying if you want to keep up. Which a lot of gamers detest when that happens.

The sound is not that great. I cut it off, it's either too loud or too cheesy sometimes.

Angels are completely pay2win. Normal progression with them are fine. But a paid donator can flatly get a better angel and level faster. That's a big problem that should be addressed.


This is a solid browser game. It has its pay2win issues. And I'll be honest it will be hard to survive playing completely free. But if you have the time to waste. You can do it by playing perfectly, and spending 3-5 hours a day patiently grinding it out. Now the thing is can anyone these days actually do it?



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