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Once you have a guild in League of Angels, you're stuck wondering what to do with it and what all the pretty buttons do. Well, that's where this guide comes in. What you need to know to understand this guide:

  • English
  • The difference between left and right and top and down.
  • If you don't know the difference between left and right, point your pointer fingers and stick out your thumbs, putting down all the other fingers. The one hand that makes an L with the pointer and thumb is your left hand, and therefore, that is left, and the other is right.

Opening the Guild Window

The guild button is located on the lower right menu bar. Its symbol is comprised of a blue banner, a trumpet, and a red ribbon. You may access the guild menu by either clicking this button or hitting the G key on your keyboard.

The Guild Window (News tab)


On the top of the Guild window, below the tabs...

Lvl # is the level of your guild. All of your guild bonuses are capped by this level. As in, the level of a bonus may not exceed the level of the guild. In this case, the guild level is 4. This is increased via gold. 10000 gold donated to the guild level is equal to... I suppose you can call it 100 guild "experience". You can donate to the guild's level by clicking that big orange Donate button on the lower right.

Guild _____ is the name of your guild. My guild is Dreamscape.
Ranks # is your guild's rank. Mine is 42. It got as high as 30 once!... oughta work on that more.
B.R. # is the cumulative battle rating of the members within the guild. So if you were to take every guild member's battle rating and add it, you'd get the B.R. #.

Leader ____ is the name of the guild's leader. In this case it's Estrellita. Every guild has a different leader.

Size #/# relates to the number of guild members you have. The first number is the number of guild members you actually have, and the second number is the number of guild members you can have. You can get more of the first by taking applications and recruiting new guild members. You can get more of the second by increasing the level of your guild.

Flag Lvl. # is the level of your guild's flag. This provides everyone in the guild with a buff. You can increase this via diamonds, which are purchasable with real world money. If you'd like to purchase diamonds, please visit the payment page.

On the right of the Guild window...

  • On the top is your guild's banner, which will show you the current buffs given if you mouseover it.In the middle is your guild's news. This can be changed using the CHANGE button, but is limited to two lines of length.
  • On the bottom far right is the guild's Donate button. You can donate gold towards the guild's level here.
  • On the bottom to the left of the guild's Donate button is the Guild Events button. Clicking this button will cause a menu to pop up (currently only two items on the menu) for further usage. The two items are Gauntlet and Guild Feast.

On the left and middle of the Guild Window, below the various guild information previously described...

  • Your members are listed here in a table, each column categorizing different things about your guild members.
  • The Member column lists your guild members' level and name.
  • The Role column lists your guild members' role within the guild. Some roles are assigned by the guild leader, others automatically by the game upon a certain amount of contribution.
  • The Battle Rating column lists your guild members' battle rating.
  • The Contribution column lists your guild members' contribution to the guild. Donating 10000 gold to the guild level gives 50 contribution. Donating 10000 gold to a bonus gives 10 contribution.
  • The Status column lists your guild members' online status. Online if online, Offline if offline.

On the left and middle of the Guild Window, at the bottom...

  • On the left you have Honor Badges (symbol) #. That is the number of honor badges you own. You can get honor badges by contributing or by doing the Gauntlet event. You can spend them in the guild shop.
  • Continuing along to the right you have the Guild Wages button. This button is your friend. Free daily gold. The higher your rank, the more gold you get. Remember to click it daily.
  • To its right is the Guild Shop button, where you can spend those honor badges that were mentioned before.
  • Lastly in the bottom menu bar is the Guild Actions button, which has a menu that will pop up upon clicking the button. At this point in time, the menu has 5 items.  The five items are Apply, Invite, Group Email, Appoint Class, and Dissolve Guild. Avoid clicking that last one unless you want all of you and your guild members' hard work to go to waste.

The Guild Window [Sub-Window Donate]

In either tab, click Donate to donate the amount listed.



The Guild Window [Sub-Window Apply]

You can accept new guild members in through here. Clicking the Decline All button will decline all applicants, while clicking the All button will accept all applicants.


These are just some of the basics - a lot of the information you can get about your guild by mousing over the various parts and reading what pops up by doing so. You can also accept individual applicants from here. Bonuses are guild buffs for different events and actions, Log is a log of recent events within the guild, and Guilds lists all the guilds ranked by order.



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