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The mini-game Gemology resembles one of the oldest gem/jewel games out there called Bejewled with a few minor modifications. The very first diference is the fact that you don't need to create a 3-pair in order to move a gem. that actually gives you quite a bit of leeway in what regards how many pieces at once you can connect.


You can make the most out of 4 of the same kind if you waste 1 move and the most out of 5 of a kind if you waste 1-3 moves (this has been thought out so you could gain either more points or an equal amount of points instead of loosing them to achieve higher combos).


Below are some photos of what i mean by 4 of a kind and 5 of a kind and the 2 pairs of 3 of a same color. the tactics to get either of these combos depends on the person (their gaming style and their own luck) so there is no sure way to achieve either of these combos but going for bigger combos is the best way to actually get a lot of points with a minimum amount of moves.


 The game itself tends to seem complicated at first but given enough time (like 10 minutes or so :P ) it becomes quite easy to understand. also, bear in mind: having multiple combos done at the same time (2 sets of 3 or 4 or 5) multiplies the amount of points you'd normally get by 5 (a dev should correct me if i'm wrong) but using the 1-click feature (the one that needs 150 diamonds) works just like combos that follow up after your initial move: the combos don't get added into the multiplier, only the initial combo/combos made from your actual move count which means you get normal points from them! so don't bother trying to set up the board to fall into place like dominos! you'll only be wasting time and gem energy. make 1-2 combos and then move on. always keep in mind the reward you get for each combo when you decide to "waste" a move or risk loosing points instead of gaining them.



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