League of Angels Guide: How to Earn Gold Fast

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Firstly,add many FRIENDS as u can because everytime they reach a certain level(probably lvl 30) and if they upgraded some of their items like mount,you can also get a gold.

Secondly,ride the event called Wyvrm Race it has 5 categories of Wyrm you are going to ride,each ride is equivalence of gold,the higher the color the higher the gold u can gain and you can plunder the other Wyrm that on your platoon. After you reach the goal,the Mail System will give you a certain of rewards. Gold and some gems that is useful.

Thirdly,go to an event called The Gauntlet its an event for the GUILD,participate in that event to get Treasure chest,guild honor,GOLD too,lots of events in the GAME SYSTEM itself has a lot of freebies all you have to do is do do it rightly.

Fourthly, is the Alchemy . its the very best way to gain a GOLD for non-VIP users, i think you have a 4 times of free click to get some gold,the 5th click you will be using DIAMONDS to get a gold. I'm suggesting that if you have a money to recharge and get VIP,focus on VIP 4. because it has 7 chances and cheaper way of finishing the blitz in no time.

And last but not the least,the Garden. It has a lot of help in game because you can plant everything that will help you. EXP,War Souls, and GOLD. You can steal from other crops to get GOLD,EXP,War Souls.



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