League of Angels Guide: Cross Server Strategy

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The object to cross server is to win by MINING not killing however killing will stop your enemy from mining so. STRATEGIC killing is key.

Some Basic Strategies:

1) Hold your base mine (mine closest to you both colors it is your left mine) and CONTROL the middle mine. If you use this strategy you will win very easily and here is why..

30 points is greater than 20 points. So long as you constantly mine you base and hold dominance on middle for long time you will win. Now I understand people think oh there is hogging going on and yes.. that is how you make sure the mine will be yours.

2) Now if above strategy is not possible due to unfair balance or overwhelming opposition in middle next one is HOLD your mine AND you ENEMY base mine while attempting to grab middle sporadically. What this does if you can hold enemy base mine against a few attacks you make sure 1) middle is weaker and 2) you now have slowed his mining down of 30.

3) NEVER EVER EVER EVER in the beginning anyway split your forces around entire map it is better to focus until 1 of 2 outcomes happen. You control middle or you don't and you start losing by 100 points. Consolidation is key to winning as well, if you never heard the phrase divide and conquer.. well now you have and you should not allow yourselves to be divided.

4) YOU WILL DIE OVER AND OVER AGAIN the trick is to die intelligently. There are few very people who dominate cross server (meaning they can kill multiple opposition say 8 to 1) I can probably list them from 55+, Fingon, Kaynne, Hero, Destroga, Empress V, Mobius, and probably a couple more. These people can readily decimate most opposition at least right now. So if you are lvl 55 and attack them you will die stupidly because unless you have 170k br or more you are not much more than road kill and wont take off enough to be useful so where do you go? maybe the enemy mine guarded by a lvl 55-58. (in 55+).

5) If you are in cross server its really silly to go afk or give up if you know you are going to lose, or for any other reason really. The long wait time is bad enough it is not really nice to not play if you do go into queue. The goal of cross server is HONOR points not just winning and losing. The more you actively play the more points you get and the better you will be ultimately.

6) This is more a general strategy but is applicable. POSITIONING will improve how you perform so if you place your mage in front lines in pvp you will not do much damage (it is more useful in pve). Pay attention to bonuses and class type

To sum up

30 > 20

20 + occasional 20 > 30

Consolidate forces

Die intelligently




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