League of Angels II Review: Ascending Beyond the First League

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League of Angels II has just recently released and I decided to give it a try. I was granted a bit of review materials but I didn't really have a chance to utilize most of them as I wanted to experience the game and try to compare it against the first.

The very first thing I noticed is the immediate upgrade of graphics, the characters and models and animations all seem to have their framerate improved I don't know if League of Angels 1 was running on 3D or not but League of Angels 2 definitely is. The sounds, music and gameplay have all been improved in both camera angles, special effects, and graphics. Albeit a web browser game I'm not expecting mega detail but with that in mind it seems to be a very well executed game on those merits alone.

League of Angels 1


And this is what League of Angels 2 looks like...


Voice acting however I wish there was a more sound options to disable it, as it could use a lot of improvement, most of the voice acting I found broke a lot of game immersion so hopefully that gets better.

The story line mission areas seem to have improved and I do like the whole gaining a star rating to unlock treasure rewards a decent objective to get yourself learning the ropes of the game.


Rather than having an Astral board like in League of Angels 1 I believe that's been revamped into a Nobility section now as that appears to grant bonus stats as you progress.


Title feature appears to be the same as of League of Angels 1 where in you get a title that grants great statistical bonuses from achievements or temporary arena win ranking and the like per server.

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