Tales of Solaris Guide: Pet Boost

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Tales of Solaris's pet boost system includes synthesis, star upgrade, talent boost, skill learning and power inheritance.


Click on Pet Boost at the bottom right of your screen.

Tales of Solaris Interface

Pet's Grade

Pet grade from low to high are: white, green blue, purple, orange.

Pet Synthesis

Go to Pet Boost, click Pet Synthesis, put in the pet you want to synthesis and relevant items, click Synthesis to start. Every synthesis needs 4 items (Example: synthesize a blue pet needs a green pet of the same type and 4 green pet subs.) Important: Only baby pet can be synthesized.

Tales of Solaris Pet Synthesis

Pet Star Upgrade

Put in the baby pet and pet stone at Pet Star Upgrade interface, click Upgrade Star to start. Pet stones are divided into Star Pet Stone, Star Pet Stone and Sun Pet Stone.

Tales of Solaris Pet Star Upgrade

Enhance Pets

At Talent Boost page, select the pet you want to boost talent from My Pet, buy talent boost potion, and select the number of times for enhancement to start

Tales of Solaris Enhance Pets

Learn Skills

In Tales of Laputa, master’s pet skill book can be used on all pets the master carries. You need to get a skill book first, double click to learn. Then the skill can be found at pet’s Skill Acq. panel.

Tales of Solaris Learn Skills

Let a Pet Learn Skills

Click on the pet at My Pet in Skill Acq, then click a learned pet skill to finish. A pet can only learn skills of the same category or general skills.

Tales of Solaris Skills

Upgrade Pet Skills

Click Skill Upgrade at pet Skill Acq interface, select a skill from the pop-up window to start. Upgrade a skill will cost relevant pet skill book.

Tales of Solaris Skills

Power Inheritance

The main pet is the pet with weaker abilities; the secondary pet is the pet with better abilities. Power Inheritance will transfer secondary pet’s abilities to the main pet.

Tales of Solaris Power Inheritance

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