Last Empires: Dominate by the Force or by the Brains!

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Last Empires

Last Empires is a turn based medieval strategy game. Every 6 hours there is a new turn. You are a Leader of a small kingdom and your goal is to increase the size of your kingdom by conquering by force or by diplomacy and treachery. Any solution will do to satisfy your ambitions!

Last Empires
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Build your city and develop its economy, its agriculture and its irrigation. Create the infrastructures to develop your weapons, your fortifications, your incomes and the means of transportation. Recruit heroes in your cities and those of your enemies to increase your sphere of activity.

Send your messengers and diplomats to meet your neighbors. Negotiate the survival of your kingdom using various diplomatic tactics such as alliance, vasssality, seigniory and the confederations.

Prepare your troops for combat and head out to conquer new territories. Which weapons will you choose to use in your search of power: war, espionage, diplomacy or assassination? Dominate by the force or by the brains! It’s your turn to play!

Last Empires
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To Start

Above all, you must acquire sufficient resources to be able to finance your ambitions. The first thing to do is to search for heroes who would want join your cause. Consult the list of your heroes while clicking on “Hero” in the interface of your city, then select the action “Search Hero” in the drop-down menu, and click on “OK”. If your lord has alot of Charisma, he should not have any problem to find a hero to help you. However if he fails this action, he will have to wait for the next turn to retry.

You will not be able to achieve great deeds if you don't seek the maximum of hero to help you! If you find a hero, enter a name, a first name and a rank. To begin, it is advised to have at least 3 Civil Officers in order to develop the Economy, Agriculture and the Irrigation. That will bring more gold coins in January and more food to you in July! Then, you will need at least a Diplomat and a Messenger (optional) to be able to communicate with your neighbors. The diplomat can propose alliances. Foreign diplomats can come in to your city to negotiate an alliance or a vassalage. Military heroes (Military Officer, Commander or General) will be necessary to prepare your defense. Be careful, soldiers are expensive, they need gold and food, you must ensure to have sufficient resources to maintain them! It is also essential to recruit a Spy who can get information about the troop movements of your neighbors in your sector and who can check on foreign activities in your city.

If you have sufficient resources, your Civil Officers can build infrastructures like the Sawmill, Mines and Stone Quarrys which will bring resources necessary to build other infrastructures. Each tile on the map represents a type of terrain which brings a certain rate of resources (see the figure between parenthesis on the right of the quantity of wood , of metal… in the interface of a city). If the rate is 0, that means that you cannot find this resource on the tile which you chose to build your city. Attention, these resources are as important as gold and food, because they will enable you to build infrastructures more important like Weaponsmiths in order to manufacture more potent weapons for your soldiers.

For 72 turns your neighbors cannot attack you, nor infiltrate your city. At the end of this time period, you neighbors will either attack or infiltrate your city. That is why you would have to make friends in order to survive! Or if you are well prepared, you can attack them and gain control of their cities!

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