Lands of Illithia: An online RPG game with Angels/Demons

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KeyWord: Lands of Illithia, RPG, Angels, Demons, illRPG
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Lands of Illithia

Lands of Illithia (illRPG) is a text-based massive multiplayer RPG game, based around Angels and Demons which are locked in an eternal duel for supremacy. The game is primarily PvP based with many features to satisfy your needs.

ILLRPG is a fully immersive persistant world which continues to change every day! The gameplay is primarily with text, however rest assured that it is a fully in-depth game with many unique and intriguing features which make Lands of Illithia stand out from the other text-based Browser Games. Whether you want to fight some monsters, do some mining, woodcutting, go to the gym, or much more: Lands of Illithia has it. The community is rather friendly and social, and the admins aren't quite bad themselves ;). Feel free to join and try out the game to see if it suits your style or not.

This game is FREE to try! There is no point where you are required to pay for anything at all! There are some premium items which can be bought via Spirit Shards (A unique and premium currency). Some items include VIP subscriptions (which give you more energy on an hourly bases), or even Strength/Defence/Speed pills which boost your stats for a certain amount of fights.

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