Kung Fu Saga: Neo-Chivalric Fantasy

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Kung Fu Saga

Developed by E-Shine Technology, Kung Fu Saga is a "Neo-Chivalric Fantasy" set in an ancient, distant realm, where demons and devils threaten to slowly engulf the world in limbo, and that feud along with vengeance between martial guilds could never seem to find an end. Burdened with the hope of becoming the salvation of humanity and beyond, the player will embark on a legendary quest which is destined to shape the future that may yet be.

First Step

Go and find the owner of Tavern!

You can take quest from him and earn rewards and experiences.

Explore the Field

To start your adventure, all you have to do is pick an adventure location and click the Adventure button. After the battle, you will lose some health points. So, don’t forget to go to the Drug store and buy some medicine!


The Training Grounds helps you train your attributes and strengthen your body. So remember to go here and train yourself. Besides that, you should take a look around. There are many different kinds of shops in the town where you can purchase equipments and medicine. If you are fully prepared, continue your adventure and try to reach level 5!


After you have reached level 5, you can go to the Arena and challenge others. Can’t find anyone to battle? Don’t worry! You can go to the Rankings to find the adequate opponent, too. Victors will seize a portion of the silver from their opponents as well as earn some Experience. However, the greater the level difference between you and your opponents, the less you’ll earn. If the level difference is significant, you’ll get nothing.

Remember! The world is perilous so if you wish to work your way to the top of the Arena rankings and earn the gold prizes, you will have to pay the price. Be careful of enemies seeking revenges on you and remember not to carry too much silver on you!


Do you feel that your current equipment is old and outdated and wish to change to top-quality equipments? If so, go quickly to the Auction House and place a bid!

Heroes can try to place and win bids before the auction is over. When the auction ends, the item will automatically be sent through package to the winning bidder. However, if one gets outbid, his/her silver will not be returned! Cherish the silver you have and only bid on the ones you need!

You can see that there is large variety of items up for auction. Take the time to find some top-quality items to bid on!


After a long and busy day, if you want to rest or continue your journey tomoroow, don’t forget to go work. You can earn extra silver and Experience by working. Of course, the longer hour you work or the higher your level is, the more you’ll earn!

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