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With fantasy elements drawn from a variety of different lore, Knight's Fable shows off a massive world full of mystery and adventure to explore. Players will be able to summon legendary heroes to fight for them, build their own castles and rule over a realm of their own. R2Games promised that the game will offer "a more personal and story-driven experience", with a good balance between PvP and PvE content.

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Set in a western world filled with magical elements, Knights Fable enables each player to become a knight pursuing glory to build exclusive dream castle and recruit heroes to fight together. This game features famous plots in the myth and epics, exciting quests and unique gameplays. In this game, players can raid dungeons and scour the lands in search of rare loots, capture and train a wide variety of wild beasts, recruit rare and powerful heroes, and more.

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Knights Fable makes a breakthrough on the traditional magical painting style. Mainly focuses on Magical elements, it adds the elements of Gothic style, stretching out the theme of decline and darkness, which gives players a lifelike atmosphere.

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All kinds of familiar magical stories, famous myths, religious stories and classic plots will reappear in this game. Perseus, Medusa, Pandora and Poseidon will become your most powerful companions! You will have the right to get special fief and castle. Most importantly, you are the chosen warrior to save the world.



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