Personater's Beginner's Guide to KnightFight: Start Out

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This is a guide made by Personater for the beginners of KnightFight. It explains the basics in many aspects of the game. It's helpful for newbies that wish to master the KnightFight. Here are the parts about how to start out and build the character.

Personater's Beginner's Guide to KnightFight

By Personater in his site on

Welcome to Knight Fight! As a beginning player, this game might confuse you, so this guide has been created to help you start out and learn about the game!


Starting Out:

There's so many things to do, but what's the best thing to do to start out?

Knightfight is a game of strategy, but at the first few levels, the chances are low that someone will attack you. So, I reccomend that you focus on starting getting some money before anything else. Why? Money allows you to buy things and train stats.

So, when you start out, it's best not to worry about choosing a build or strategizing, but making a bit of money. The starting amound of money won't really do anything for you since it's such a small amount, and starting out with a bit of money allows you to help finance decisions you make, as well as help decide what you want to do.

It is reccomended that you do your missions first, since they allow you to reap the best rewards the fastest, and are the most efficient thing to do for your level.


Missions are potentially the best thing in Knightfight - they are an easy source of gold and experience, at a low cost!

Missions are located on the "Mission" menu, but there are a few options that you can set that will affect your character in the future.

You can select to be a "Robber Knight on the Rampage," or you can be a "Protector of the Weak and Poor." The Robber Knight mission is if you wish to be of dark alignment, and the Protector mission is for those wanting to be of light alighment.

Your choice here will determine if your character is good or bad, and that will be explained later under "Alignment." Basically, choose Light for more defense and Dark for more offense. A more in-depth explanation will follow, and any changes in alignment you make now can easily be fixed if you decide that you want to move over to the other side.

Anyways, you then have a time you can pick. 10 minute intervals are strongly reccomended! They allow you to gain the most possible experience and gold! You can gain up to 5 experience per mission, so if you do a 60 minute mission, you can get up to 5 experience. With ten minute missions, you can gain 30 experience in total in an hour, which obviously is much better.

Experience gained is in relation to the gold you make, and you always make at least twice your level per mission.

(The chart below isn't finalized and will be updated.)


So, if you're Premium, you gain an hour of missions, and can have two hours in total of missions. Non-Premium users only have one hour for missions per day.

The server resets daily, and there is a counter to tell you when the server resets. Don't fret if they disappear, since they will reappear in less than 24 hours.

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