Kiwarriors: Browser Game Based on Dragon Ball

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Kiwarriors is a browser based RPG based on Dragon Ball that lets you create a warrior , train, and prepare for combat with fighters from around the world, your character will fight when you order and also protect them from other warriors when you can not be with him.

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Kiwarriors is first a Spanish game and now have English version. But some of the maps and features are still blocked. In the coming feature you can search for the dragon balls or to invoke the great dragon when you collect the 7 spheres just like in the Dragon Ball anime.

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Your Fighter
At first, your fighter will begin to be very weak, only at the end of hard training will increase their initial attributes ...

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Your Strategy
But even more important to train your muscles and your mind will define a strategy to fight smart, according to opponents who want to tackle and taking account of those wrestlers who you think will challenge you when you're not with him.

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Spy Your Opponents
When you feel ready to combat not you rush like mad or you will receive a good beating, study your opponent, his battles won, lost, how many successes achieved in close combat or using the life force, and you can also find out if He's good fight of your class or if you are tough guys for him to peel ...

The Combat
When fighting and will not back off and both fighters will fight until the end, fighting for esudia well know the weaknesses of your opponents so you can defeat them.

Kiwarriors Screenshots
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Look the World Rank of Your Fighter
Finally you get to know each time what your world ranking position. The top 10 will be reserved for the strongest and most intelligent fighters in the galaxy ... Will you be one?

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