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KingsRoad by Rumble Games aims to bring the Diablo experience to your browser through either their website or Facebook. They aim to do that with impressive graphics and gameplay that will just make players flock to the game. Well they do achieve that goal, sort of.

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There is a bit of a letdown as you enter KingsRoad for the first time…..there is no character creation! Instead of allowing players to determine their character, they instead insist on having absolutely no character creation at all, you start out instead as a burly guy with a beard and no reputation to his name. They try to make up for the lack of customization on the base level, to allowing you to do it more on the character level. Presently they have three different classes for you to choose from, of which you can switch and level up each class individually as you wish. This allows you to play whatever role you wish to play when you feel like playing it, which I admit is a nice and fun feature, to not be bound by one class you may tire of a day later. But it does not overshadow the lack of any character customization the game could and should have had.

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Gameplay is very Diablo-esque, as it does the action adventure gameplay down, which is fairly fun. Combat is very straight forward in that regard as it plays out a lot like other games in the genre, with the mouse doing the basic attacks and number keys for the skills. They did add a semi-destructible environment, which is a bit satisfying to destroy and find some extra gold and loot from. Boss fights are actually pretty fun which requires you to play smart instead of just running up and tanking them, unless you like dying, because that is usually what happens when you end up doing that. The bosses do vary nicely from level to level which makes you try out different strategies and watching out for certain skills to land. Generally, they're fairly predictable after their first few attacks, but it still is fun.

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They even added a sort of drop in and out gameplay, which doesn't force you to play with random players, but allows you to invite friends and have them play with you through Facebook, where you guys can work together through levels, or if you're friends aren't on, you can search out random players to journey with, which is really nice feature on co-op instead of just searching for a room.

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After a while the game can get rather repetitive, unfortunately. One thing they encourage is to repeat maps in order to master them, which earns you diamonds to spend on various things, but also unlocks the hero mode. The bad thing about this is that none of the maps are random, so it leaves you to play the same map with the same monsters spawning in the same areas over and over and over again till you master them. The game is also fairly short so getting to that point may not take you –that- long depending on how often you're playing with friends or alone.

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The game is still under the works and it is very apparent of that. While it is a fun game to play, the game itself is riddled with bugs that range from improper loading, which doesn't load the enemy models or even character models in when you load a game, to having certain creatures not load in properly on a level. Recently I had it where the enemy boss' model wouldn't load in, so I would get attacked and killed, but I couldn't see by whom. Two deaths later and a few minutes wandering around, he eventually did load in, but the model stayed static.

Graphically the game is stunning, you can tell the amount of work they did to deliver on their promise of bringing high quality graphics to the browser. Most of the time, it loads fairly fast and smooth, given you have a decent connection, and it really does look like the graphics of a game you would buy or download to play.

As it is right now, the game is a bit of a hit and a miss. In some points it does very well such as the combat and very well done graphics, but in it just falls flat and hard on aspects from lack of character creation to keeping an interest for longer play sessions.

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I have been playing mmos since about 1999, and haven't stopped since, and I cannot even remember when I started console/pc gaming. I'm an avid gamer who does dive back into the real world from time to time. My all time goal is to start my own business, but that is taking a side step as I am going through college.



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