Kings and Legends Global Guide: Classes

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In Kings and Legends Global, there are two primary types of cards: Skills and Creatures. Each card has different effects based on the type of card, your class, and the faction of the Creature cards.

Skill Cards

There are four distinct classes in Kings and Legends Global: Warrior, Ranger, Mage, and Priest. Each class also has their own set of Skill cards which cannot be used in decks built by members of any other class.

A Ranger will be able to use the Skill card "True Shot" in any deck they wish. However, a Priest will never be able to use this skill unless they change their class to Ranger, but then they lose their ability to use Priest Skill cards in their decks.


Kings and Legends Global: The Warrior

The Warrior:

Warrior Skill cards enhance the effectiveness of creatures on the battlefield and can deal damage directly to an opponent's creatures.

Slash: The Warrior steps onto the battlefield and deals damage directly to a target enemy creature.

Last Stand: All friendly creatures on the battlefield gain a large bonus to Attack and Immolation 2, which causes them to take 2 damage at the end of each turn.

Kings and Legends Global: The Ranger

The Ranger:

Ranger Skill cards provide help to enhance allied Creature cards and maintain control over the battlefield.

Tactic: Target creature gains the Decay ability, causing damaged creatures to take additional damage at the end of their next turn.

Disturbance: Two non-wall creatures within a 2x1 area of the battlefield swap places.

Kings and Legends Global: The Mage

The Mage:

Mage skills curse enemy creatures or deal damage directly to enemy creatures.

Weaken: Enemy creatures within a 2x2 area lose some of their attack power.

Meditation: Returns 2 random cards from your graveyard to your hand.

Kings and Legends Global: The Priest

The Priest:

Masters of support, Priests can heal allied creatures, reduce the countdown of cards in an ally's hand, or prevent the death of powerful creatures on the field of battle.

Dispel: Removes 1 negative effect with the longest duration from each allied creature in a 3x3 area.

Guardian Angel: Upon death, target creature will be restored to full life and the Guardian Angel effect will be lost.



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