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No matter in Ogame, Travian, Ikariam or Evony, one important thing to do to strengthen your force is to build new cities. So it is with Kingory! Below is a guide on how to build a new city in Kingory - a new strategy warfare game.

Building a New City

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Kingory gamers, build anew toward your throne.

In Kingory, when a city developed to certain scale, its governor should begin to consider conquering new cities.

City in Kingory

Because a city has limited space, you’ll find it harder and harder to gain strength by constraining yourself to only one space.

For better development, build a city with the right timing will bring you more resources and population. You can build hundreds of cities if you are able to do that, but don’t forget resources such as food, gold, loyalty, etc. require you to develop and manage every of your city carefully. Blind expansion with ill management will bring you bad consequence.

New city opening is related to your position; higher position will ensure you to open more new cities.

Basic requirement for opening new cities -
Food, wood, stone, gold respectively 10000.

Position of Lord -
If your position doesn’t meet the requirement of opening new city, you will be told “city building fails” after the battle.

If you don’t have enough resource, you cannot open up new cities even though you destroy the garrisoned army.

City in Kingory

Conquer -
When you are posted and strong enough to open up new cities, the first you should do is to occupy a piece of land, which is ranked, and its level will not affect the quality of your building, with higher level, more soldiers with higher level will garrison. If you have chosen the building place, you have to consider whether your soldier is enough or not, whether you can conquer this land or not.

After conquer you can click “enter”.

Resource requirement –
To build a new city, you should have a certain quantity of resources, food, wood, stone, iron and gold respectively 10000. In version 1.2 of Kingory, resource needed for the building is directly deducted from the main city. After finishing the city, it will gain foodstuff, wood, iron and gold respectively 5000.

There, your new city is built!

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