Kingory: Will You Be the Hero in This Disordered World?

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Kingory is the international version the Chinese Flash-based strategic MMO game RXSG, which is one of the hottest browser game in China: 40 million players has registered and 600 servers are active (as of June 2009). It consists of 5 resources, 10 armaments, 5 city defenses, and 30 stratagems and combat systems.

914 high heroes and infinite number of random heroes with different traits and properties are at your disposal. Revolutionary mix of real-time stratgy (RTS) and turn-based strategy (TBS), PvP system, and PvE & PvP system are available for the first time on your browser with a super-light ~2 MB footprint!



Every city has 9 types of buildings in Town and 4 types of resource fields in Rural. They are responsible for managing military construction, resources production, politics, diplomatic affairs and research. Expand the realm of your power starting from your city!

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Whether to wage a war in the Map or in the Arena is up to you. The real-time simulation system enables you to control troops freely in a combat. Besides, 10 types of soldiers, 5 kinds of fortifications, 30 stratagems and 15 technologies can get you the most out of the play.

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Hero plays an important role in military affairs, politics and production. There are 920 high heroes and thousands of weapons and equipment of fineness at your disposal. Recruit heroes and equip them with the best equipment, which enables you to be an invincible lord!

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Team-NPC Arena
Team-NPC Arena provides you with two ways for combat: PVE and PVP. You can invite your friends to fight together! More functions will be added in the future.

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Endless Quests  
Kingory has endless quests for you to complete, including Growth Quests, Routine Quests, Delegate Quests and Epic Quests ect. All sorts of rewards can be gained from completion of quests. Have fun!

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King died. Unworldly young prince succeed the throne. Dysfunctional royal court feeds the power hunger of the local military forces: Tsao Tsao, Ywan Shao and Yellow Turbans all claimed sole allegiance while waging wars against one another in the name of ridding the rebels. The darkest days of the period gave birth to spirited young lords who united the peasants to defend and fight for true peace instead of false justice. (Kingory players, you're one of them!)

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