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Here is a guide about the Obsolescence in Kingdoms CCG. Thank Joppe who posted it on Official Forum. If you have any problem about it, just check below:

Below is a list of cards that become obsolete as you open packs and fill your collection. I consider addition of all basic modifiers except 'timid' to be an improvement for the creature. You can have your creature not attack the opposite creature by placing it on defensive stance, but timid takes away possibility of attacking when there's enemy creature. This list does not take into account spells and abilities that target specifically modified creatures e.g. "all ancients", "all flying". Aim is to give a quick checklist of creatures that have a strictly better alternative for deck builders.

List has the obsolete creature and it's stats [attack/health, modifier]. Below it is a list of all creatures you can replace the obsolete creature with and the way they are better [+modifier].

Obsolete: Garden Gnome = Peasant = Imp = Ent Twigling = Young Apprentice (1/1)
Replace with: Ravenous Gull +flying
Replace with: Brave Recruit +armor
Replace with: Relentless Bones +reanimate
Replace with: Titan's Pet +intimidate
Replace with: Gassy Gnome +volatile
Replace with: Boltling +haste
Replace with: Spirit Sprite +dust +flying
Replace with: Corpse Eater +reanimate +special

Obsolete: Ravenous Gull (1/1, flying)
Replace with: Spirit Sprite +dust

Obsolete: Relentless Bones (1/1, reanimate)
Replace with: Corpse Eater +special

Obsolete: Seasoned Farmer (1/2)
Replace with: Overworked Miner +volatile
Replace with: Zombie Thug(&) +1 attack
Replace with: Treetop Archer +ranged
Replace with: Air Elemental +1 attack +ranged
Replace with: Hauntless Ghost +flying +dust
Replace with: Priestess of War +special
Replace with: Rotted Remains +reanimate
Replace with: Cherub Scout +flying

Obsolete: Treetop Archer (1/2, ranged)
Replace with: Air Elemental +1 attack

Obsolete: Cherub Scout (1/2, flying)
Replace with: Hauntless Ghost +dust

Obsolete: Undead Warlock (2/1, ranged)
Replace with: Air Elemental +1 health

Obsolete: Woodland Mystic = Fanged Batling (2/1, flying)
Replace with: Mana Sprite +dust +special
Replace with: Steel Beak +pierce

Obsolete: Fire Spawn (3/1, -penalty)
Replace with: Gatling Gnome +penalty
Replace with: Battle Mage +penalty +resist +special

Obsolete: Gatling Gnome (3/1)
Replace with: Battle Mage +resist +special

Obsolete: Zombie Thug = Black Bear = Gnomish Brute = Virulent Worshipper = Elvish Warrior = Village Guard (2/2)
Replace with: Air Elemental +ranged

Obsolete: Clay Golem (2/2, dust)
Replace with: Dream Conjuror +special
Replace with: Spirit Shaman +special

Obsolete: Roaming Spirit (2/2, flying)
Replace with: Spined Batrider +pierce

Obsolete: Tiny Titan (1/2, splash)
Replace with: Ancient Being +1 damage +special

Obsolete: Mud Golem (1/3)
Replace with: Stench Ghoul +pierce
Replace with: Undying Acolyte +reanimate +special
Replace with: Portly Friar +1 health
Replace with: Temple Guard +armor
Replace with: Reeking Fleshbag +2 health +special
Replace with: Ward Mage +resist +special
Replace with: Lavaborn Spellblaster +ranged +special

Obsolete: Portly Friar (1/4)
Replace with: Reeking Fleshbag +1 health +special

Obsolete: Flightless Fae (3/1, resist)
Replace with: Battle Mage +special

Obsolete: Dwarven Sot = Young Giant = Weathered Knight = Willow Guard (2/3)
Replace with: Demolition Golem +1 attack +volatile
Replace with: Dwarven Battle Rig +1 health +special
Replace with: Undead Doomsayer +1 health +regen +reanimate +special
Replace with: Explosives Expert +volatile +special
Replace with: Zombie Goliath +pierce +special
Replace with: Gravedigger +reanimate +special
Replace with: Blessed Champion +1 attack +armor +regen + special
Replace with: Chronos Wizard +resist2 +special

Obsolete: Mud Golem (3/2)
Replace with: Temple Warrior +cost


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