Kingdom Invasion: Tower Tactics Review

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We recently took some time out to play R2Games' Kingdom Invasion: Tower Tactics, a free to play tower-defense game where players must defend their lands from the onslaught of orcs & co. that emerged from dark portal to eradicate mankind. The game itself is a fairly traditional tower defense title on the surface, but behind the scenes has a surprising amount of features to create a generally well-rounded game with a few exceptions. For our play through we managed a couple of hours to get to grips with the main aspects of the game, taking us up to level 10 before we couldn’t actually go any further; if you’re wondering why then read on.



Graphically the game has a nice illustrative cartoonish look, with well-designed graphics and a similarly styled UI we can’t knock the way the game actually looks and animates, movement of enemies traveling down the lanes is fluid (laggy performance issues aside from time to time) and generally looks top notch. The sound/music is a little more frustrating, whilst decent enough in quality and composition it does get a little repetitive, more frustrating is that there’s no built in volume so your options are on or off unless you start fiddling with your computers own sound for the browser window.

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