Khan Wars Guides: What to Do First?

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This is a guide saying what to do at the beginning when you first join the world of Khan Wars. Khan Wars is an online stategy game that introduce you the Middle Ages of Europe, where you choose one of the 7 nations to develop and lead the way to victory. The game offers many different strategies to reach the goal of winning over the thousends of other players. And here is the start of all things.

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What is better for the player to do in the beginning of his game?

From the official help file

Khanwars offers a wide variety of chances for you to build your own unique playing tactics. Even so we feel the need to inform you about some of the most important aspects, without which it will be hard for you to start the game and protect your castle from the attacks of someone with a bigger one.

While you’re at level 0 no one can attack you so it’s best if you take this advantage and builds all the kinds of mines even in lower levels and when you’ve almost reached first level you’d better start building SHELTERS. Within the shelters are hidden resources, that can’t be stolen even if someone attacks you. At the 10th level of this building you can hide up to 1500 of every resource so it would be best if you build it to the max A.S.A.P. That way an attack won’t harm you because nothing will be stolen.

When building your army you must have in mind the qualities of the different units, it’s good to have pikemen (against cavalry), swordsmen (well balanced warriors), and axemen for instance who have an advantage against the infantry. Khanwars is based on the good choice and combination of the army. Don’t forget the archers, they may not have as much life, but they do lots of damage and are protected by your cavalry and infantry, so to get to them your enemy would have to go trough the rest of your army.

Don’t fear the siege artillery in the beginning, because they can’t bring down a building if they haven’t reached the 5th level. So you shouldn’t take notice when some bigger player threats you with his trebuchet.



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