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KeyWord: Juggernaut, 3D Browser Based Game, Fantasy RPG

Juggernaut is a free-to-play browser-based MMORPG. It can be played after a short registration and without downloading any client software. Although you do not need a client in order to play the game, there is also an optional client available, which reduces traffic and increases the game's operating speed. Once you have registered and are logged in, the action starts immediately and only a few moments later, combat action awaits you, revealing fascinating 3D graphics.

These high end quality 3D fight sequences can be provided thanks to the innovative 3D engine “Unity”, allowing three-dimensional battles and realistic scenes in a browser window – such a quality was previously only available in client-based games.

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After the first fight you are already involved in the gripping storyline: As young “Scorpion” you have to prove your skill and honesty by completing the first quests. There are various quests and quest chains, helping you to understand the game mechanics and drawing you deeper into the world of Haradan.

Haradan is anything but a peaceful place: Every player should be prepared for random encounters, as the beasts of the world have been made highly aggressive by supernatural forces which threaten the existence of the entire world.

Juggernaut Screenshots

Slaying beasts, fulfilling quests and overpowering evil champions within their dungeons, you learn more and more about the dangerous times you live in and grow into your destiny:  To be the strongest hero of all and saving the world while wearing the most powerful armor – Juggernaut – given to mankind eons ago.

You will need to ensure your survival by equipping yourself with the items you get in quest, rewards or drops, by crafting items yourself or by buying them from one of the different vendors in the world.
It will not take long before a young hero recognizes that it is a hard way to the top – a journey too long and too tough to be taken on all by oneself. So you have the option to choose one of two factions: The Steel Cohort or the Free League. Both are fighting the evil which is menacing the world, but they have different ideas of the right way to guard mankind and to save it. While one is favoring personal freedom the other sees the way to redemption in a militaristic order.

These opposing ideologies constitute the source of a strong rivalry. To their members it is a question of valor and honor which drives them into battle against the opposing faction. You can actively support your chosen party by taking part in massive player versus player battles against the opposing faction with hundreds of combatants. You can further aid your brethren by conquering territories for your faction, by fulfilling quests on their behalf or by simply attacking enemy players.

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Of course this inter-faction conflict is not the only way to test your skills against other players. From the very beginning of the game it is possible to duel yourself with other players and very soon you may visit the arena. And that not only as a spectator …

Juggernaut Screenshots

But no one is forced to take part in the player versus player action. You have the choice where you want to set your priorities. Even for those neither interested in player versus environment action nor in player versus player action the game brings countless occasions to have a great time in an affectionately designed world with thousands of items,  presents, open and private chat channels, trading channels, an auction house and the possibility to find and join a player clan and much much more …

Juggernaut Screenshots



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