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Guns of Redemption

Jamia Online is an online social game for all ages, where you can meet and hang out with thousands of other players from all over the world and have a good time. With plenty to do and plenty to see, and all the coolest of people to chat with, there's no end to the fun you can have here!

Create a unique avatar to express your personality and dress up in style, get your very own apartment and throw a party for your friends, or dance the night away in a rocking club or beach party. Wander through this futuristic world and take in some amazing sights, go on quests for your fellow residents, and compete with your friends in fun mini-games to earn pots of gold. Jamia is your space to be yourself and have fun with your friends.

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Are your fingers itching for some action? Choose from a plethora of exciting and fun flash games to play, earn gold and chat with friends while you're at it. There's endless fun to be had!

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Get your own apartment and decorate it any way you want. Invite your friends over to hang out or throw a rocking house party that'll shake the neighbourhood!

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Are you a movie buff? Take a seat in our very own Cinema Hall and get a fix on cool videos, game previews and more from around the web!

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This much fun is meant to be shared. Explore the world of Jamia to meet thousands of players just like you from all over the world. Chat with friends, play games together, share style tips, and more!

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