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Jagged Alliance Online

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Jagged Alliance Online, the free to play browser based strategy MMO, is a throw back to the popular series from the 90s. The game gets a graphical revamp for the present day and is thrown into a free to play environment. While the game relies on some level of nostalgia, there are plenty of aspects that new players can enjoy and find to keep themselves entertained in today’s much faster paced gaming landscape.


Your main base of operation will be your headquarters. Inside your headquarters you will have several building to interact with and basically be able to do stuff. Each one serves a purpose, and will be used regularly. You will also be able to upgrade these buildings opening up more items, abilities, etc from these buildings. The buildings that you will have access to are your Storage, Workshop, Hospital, The Shop, and the Merc Agency.

Storage will allow you to store more items that you find during your missions, the at first will not seem too important, but as you increase the number of mercenaries on your team, having storage for their gear and other items becomes much more important. The Workshop is where you are able to repair armor and weapons and also later on upgrade armor and weapons before heading out on your missions. The Hospital is exactly what it says it is, a place to heal your mercenaries. The Shop is where you will spend your hard earned cash and gold bars. Lastly, the Merc Agency is where you will recruit new mercenaries for your missions.

World Map and Missions

Selecting missions from the world map is the nuts and bolts of the game, there are also places that will open up for players as they attain higher levels that will allow them to venture into PvP areas and test their strategies and skills against other players.

PvE Missions will be the primary source of not only gaining levels for your characters, but also for increasing reputation, gathering new items and gear, and also earning money. Each mission will have not only a set of goals to complete, but also will have stipulations that will allow a player to earn a higher rank of completion and therefore receive a bonus to the EXP, Reputation, and Money earned from the mission. Before embarking on any mission make sure that you read over these stipulations as they can make your choices in a mission alter slightly, but also reward you for these adjustments if executed properly.

Once you complete each mission you will see a run down of how you did and if you achieved any of the additional bonus stipulations for that mission. As already stated, these are well worth achieving, so we highly recommend that you make them a priority.

The Final Word

Jagged Alliance Online is certainly a throw back and for many players it will bring back many fond memories of hours wasted in their youth recruiting mercenaries and running through mission after mission to complete the box game. With this newest installment players are still able to enjoy those missions with a much updated graphical engine, but will also be able to challenge other players in PvP, one of the biggest staples of any MMO worth its salt. For many younger players JAO will not fulfill their constant need for action, as turn based games are not going to be their forte. For those games that love the genre though, they will be thoroughly impressed with what JAO has to offer.

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