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Grand Epic

Iron Marshal is a WWII strategy game, where you build up your base, fight in historic campaigns and change the course of history. It features great graphics, historic campaigns, period costumes weapons and vehicles, as well as an exciting battle system that will keep you coming back for more. The following description are the game features.

The in Game Money System

Iron Marshal’s in game money system could be called refreshing. Gone are the bound items and synthesizing that plague other free-to-play titles. It is entirely possible to play Iron Marshal competitively without spending any real money. Upgrading Equipment and Training Heroes is straightforward and can be accomplished with resources earned in game. In this sense, Iron Marshal is part of the next generation of browser games that doesn’t pester its players for money every other minute.

Unique Animated Style

In this game, players have an opportunity to meet all of WWII’s historic generals in a completely different way, up close and personal. Experience their humor, wild behavior, and approachable manner, which is how history in school should have been fun.

Iron Marshal

Chain of Command

Each player begins their career in Iron Marshal as a lowly commander, who through battles, training, and expert logistics moves eventually becomes someone history will not be able to forget. You will control and even change the direction of the war.

Study under Historic Generals

Go under the wing of the greatest generals history has ever known. In each battle, you will meet various generals and have chance to learn tactics and strategy from them! You can decide how to play according to your needs and you’ll be the conqueror of the battlefield!

Iron Marshal

Command Troops in Battle

Just like a real general, you choose the strategy and tactics to be employed in battle. There are thousands of combinations to choose from. Each battle requires careful planning for success to be an option. Also, your fellow players and you will have to come up with tactics to win Iron Marshal’s large-scale campaigns.

Iron Marshal

Unique Avatars

Iron Marshal employs an exciting custom appearance system. You can make your general truly unique by picking from hair, facial appearance and lots of uniforms available in the game. The huge selection of clothes, hair styles, and facial appearance allows you to pick a different look for each day of the week.

Challenge Other Commanders

In the game, the fun continues after you have leveled your player up and conquered the game. The Hero Challenge mode will continue to engage even the most powerful players well after they have completed the common campaigns.



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