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iRok2 is a rhythm music game where you play the notes on the screen in time with the music. You can collect and share your favorite tracks, earn fans and coins performing them, challenge and share music with your friends and become the world’s biggest rokstar!

Play Anything

The track catalog of iRok2 is beyond huge. It rely on YouTube, which has a catalog of over 16 million music videos and delivers over a billion videos every day. iRok2 has game tracks for thousands of the most popular music videos but you’re free to request new ones for any music video on YouTube.

Discover Your Sound

The music you like says something about who you are. iRok2 offers several unique ways to express your musical identity. Your iRok2 studio, for example, is a great place to discover, collect and share the songs that you rok to. Play the tracks that interest you, save the ones you like in an album and share your collections for others to enjoy.


Lots of gamers have plastic guitars but stopped using them when the songs ran dry. iRok2 directly supports most game guitars with a unique plug-in that works on all major browsers and operating systems. But iRok2 isn’t just for song-starved rok stars. You can also rok out right on your keyboard.


iRok2 music gaming can be enjoyed lots of ways. Try an epic head-to-head multiplayer battle with a dozen or more of your friends. Visit for a few minutes each day to explore new music and compete in our daily track competitions. Or just relax with the new songs based on your music preferences.


The game tracks follow the dominant melody of the song. This could be the guitar, vocals, piano or another instrument. This is quite different than the Guitar Hero® and Rock Band® “instrument substitution” model which focuses on single instrument tracks.


Have you always wanted to try a music game but couldn’t stomach paying hundreds of dollars for a console, game, periperals and songs? Do you just need something fun to play when you’ve got 5 minutes between assignments at work? iRok2 starts in seconds, runs anywhere and is easy to learn (but tough to master).


iRok2 is so free, it’s ridiculous. However, some people enjoy stepping up their game a notch, so we provide options for everyone. Gamers may play for free and unlock new capabilities, customizations and songs as they progress or they may choose to supplement their experience with the purchase of in-game virtual goods.



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