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1. How many classes does Inferno Legend have? What are they?
   Currently, there are 4 classes. They are Vampire, Samurai, Faerie and Cyclops.

2. How to increase my character’s skill level?
   Use skill points to increase character’s skill level.

3. How to get skill points?
   When Book of Sin reaches a certain level, you can get skill points.

4. What the cost to downgrade my character’s skills? If downgraded, can the skill points be returned?
   It cost nothing to downgrade your character’s skills and skills points will be returned.


1. How to create a guild?
   When you reach lvl20, you can cost 198 diamonds to create a guild.

2. If I quit a guild, can I join another guild immediately?
   No. You must wait until 5 o’clock the next morning to join another guild.



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