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Inferno Legend has recently gone into its open beta phase, allowing all Gamebox fans entry into the fiery plane of Hell. Now available on PC but soon to be on iOS and Android, think of this as a bridge between PC and smartphone MMO gaming. You play the part of one of five evil monsters, each with their own dialogue, who join forces with Diablo to spread ruin and take over the surrounding areas of his castle. Your purpose is not entirely uncalled for, however. Denizens of Hell are frequently kept as slaves or sacrificed by humans. After your life is saved by Diablo himself, you pledge your life to him and begin to do his bidding.


Diablo, along with all the greater demons, needs you to have faith in him for his power to grow. By expending "Faith" points you unlock his "Miracles". These are extra attacks that launch at the beginning of a fight when you engage in battle, while also providing your whole party with a passive stat buff. These "Miracles" end up being a hefty portion of your damage in both normal dungeons and in PvP, so increasing their power is in your best interest.


To aid you in your adventure, you can recruit a list of "Dark Servitors" to fight for you. These are minions that fight autonomously in battle and each have their own stats and skill sets. You can enlist their help via "Souls" or get the significantly more powerful elite servitors via "Blue Souls". These minions do not level up, so make sure to regularly upgrade to more powerful ones to keep your party fresh.


Your hero will always be the most powerful member of your party, of course. Along with normal leveling up, Diablo will also give you a "Tome of Sin" at the beginning of the game. The tome of sin provides all your skill points and increases the power of your equipment with "totems" by increasing your "Wickedness" stat. Wickedness increases in various ways, including leveling up, PvP, and daily quests. You also come equipped with two powerful "Lineages". These passively increase your stats and also give you a chance to let loose a powerful blast after you land an attack. With all that power at your disposal, you may want to keep your hero shielded.


When you think you are strong enough, you can take your warriors into the Arena. There are basic ranking fights, where you can crush other players to increase your rank, along with your daily ranking reward. Then there are "Chest" battles where you defeat a short series of opponents to open a chest of treasure, and the "Combo" fight. In Combo, you cannot control your hero and you do not heal in-between battles. Under these conditions, you fight a series of 10 battles, with a reward given at the end of the day depending on your performance. This is a great way to gauge the power of your team! If you are feeling particularly powerful, you can enter Contests starting at level 30. Contests consist of 25 fights and rewards are given based on how many you win. These rewards are much greater than in normal PvP, so try to become as powerful as you possibly can to win.


Keep in mind; you do not have to go it alone. You can join or start an Alliance with other players. By donating and participating in Alliance activities, you will gain various advantages such as wickedness, stat buffs, bag slots, and more! Help with alliance PvE and wars to gain even greater rewards.

Since Inferno Legend is built to also be playable on handheld devices, expect a casual gameplay experience filled with fast leveling and short play times. Battles are turn-based and work primarily without play interaction, though the option to control your main hero is available. While there is a great amount of content available, there are limits to how much you can do per day. Progressing through the main story is limited by "Vigor", and most other activities only refresh at the start of a new day. It can take a bit of getting used to, but the game can quickly become addicting once you do.

Try not to let the fact that Inferno Legend will be playable on iOS and Android turn you off to checking the game out on PC. It is a short download and uses a very light client, so there is nothing to lose by giving it a try. There are enough flashy special effects and interesting activities to keep anyone entertained for a reasonably long time without getting bored. Make sure to also check the rest of Gamebox's library, you're sure to find something you like.



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