Inferno Legend Wildness Guide

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Wilderness exploration is another unique gameplay of Inferno Legend. Players can find unknown scene, treasures, Servant-Monster and other systems through exploration. It also allows players to fully feel surprise and get rich rewards. How to break the wilderness exploration, earn a multitude of treasures? Fast-growing tips help you easily reach a higher level.


Bloody Altar - Where you buff servants or sacrifice - first try is free then 38 diamond per usages

Tauren Fortress - Where you recruit Bloodhorn (fire element) for 3000 golden souls or diamond

Scarlet Castle - Where you recruit Demon Baron (fire element) for 2000 blue souls

Tree of Talent - Free fruit of talent every 30mins

Raven Camp - your lv40-50 legendary ring puzzle (orange item)

Patrol Outpost - your lv40-50 legendary glove puzzle (orange item)

Crawler Nest - your lv40-50 legendary boot puzzle (orange item)

Ancient Arena - your lv40-50 legendary treasure puzzle (orange item)

Thief Stronghold - where you steal blood bread of other players and sthyn as well

Element Altar - Where you recruit Phoenix (fire element) for 2000 blue souls

Drawn Farm - Where you recruit Big Nuts (Ice element) for 3000 white souls

Ancient Library - where you can buy skills for your servants


Waste Garden - Recruit peashooter (fire element) for 5000 white soul

Sunshine Forest - Recruit Sunflower (fire element) for 3000 blue soul (heals 4000 hp over 3 party)

Thunder valley - Recruit  Thunder Giant (thunder element) for 3000 blue soul

Astama Relics -  Recruit  Frost Dragon  (Ice element) for 3000 gold soul  ( dmg and ice shield over 3 party)

Crystals Ruin - Legacy Crystal III puzzle for adv to specialist upgrade skills on servants

Oracle Throne -  your lvl 50-70 legendary amulet puzzle (orange item)

Memory Stele - Memory Crystal puzzle, turning skills of servant into scrolls

Desert Oasis -  Legacy Crystal III puzzle for specialist  to Elite upgrade skills on servants

Watch Tower -  your lvl 50-70 artifact armor puzzle (GREEN item)

Odyssey Field -  your lvl 50-60 artifact sword puzzle (GREEN item)

Metor Crater - your lvl 40-60 legendary armor puzzle (orange item)

Worm Valley -  Recruit Reaper (thunder element) for 3000 blue soul



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