Inferno Legend Guide: How to Pass Instance Perfectly

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In Inferno Legend, main instance will have to be passed in main quests. Of course, 5 points of Vigor will be consumed each instance. And there are 3 kinds of passing rewards - general pass, advance pass, perfect pass. New players, here, you must pay attention that it is important to have a perfect pass in every progress. In this way, you will be able to get a large amount of diamonds and other lucrative rewards!

First, after entering the game, there will be a series of plots. You will be in the city after these plots. And then, you can finally walk to anywhere you want and do whatever you want!

In order to have a perfect pass, you have to upgrade Faith. Upgrade the first Devil Lord to level 5, and then you will get a group attack skill. Then you can easily get a perfect pass.

PS: Before challenging BOSS, it’s highly recommended to finish the whole map first. You will have more exp and silver in this way.

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