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Whiling playing Inferno Legend, you can summon Lord through various ways. Then the potent Devil will be under your command. The powerful Devil are the essential factor for you to gain victory.


Then let’s talk about the way to summon Devil Lord.

1. Check in for a certain times; Get a certain amount of fragments of the Devil Lord.
2. Free VIP packs.
3. Lucky draw in the instance.
3. Some Events.

Sacrifice and Faith

Sacrifice means players give their treasures or precious goods to the Devil Lord. Sacrifice can only be done once a day. After a successful sacrifice, the attribution that the Devil Lord can add to the player will be hugely improved.

Faith refers to the worship to Devil Lord. You need to boost the faith point at cost of faith power. The higher the faith point is, the more powerful the skills are and the more rewards you will get.

Effect of Devil Lord

1. Increase the Faith of Devil Lord, and the attributes of all team members can be enhanced.
2. Increase the Faith of Devil Lord,and the skills of Devil Lord which can be released during battle can be activated.
3. Hand in the Talisman that Devil Lord needs, and you can get extra buff effect.

Effect of Talisman

1. Upgrade Talisman, and the attributes of Strength、Intellect、Agility、Stamina can be enhanced.
2. Upgrade Talisman, and the skills of corresponding Devil Lord can be increased.

It costs you Power of Faith to increase Faith and level of Talisman. You can get Power of Faith through the following ways.

1. Temple Ruins: when you reach Lv15, you can enter the instance and get Power of Faith.
2. Normal Instance: when you pass the Normal Instance of World Map, you have chance to get Power of Faith.
3. Rewards for passing chapters: when you pass chapter【Perfect】, you can get Power of Faith.
4. Rewards for passing chapters: when you pass all chapters【Advance】, you can get Power of Faith.
5. Shop: you can buy Power of Faith in the shop.

Every Devil Lord has Domain. You can enter it to defeat special boss and get numerous gold, experience and Power of Faith. You may also get rear Servant-Monster and equipment. Every monster has its unique skills, for example high attack or recovery ability. So which monster do you want to summon?

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