Inferno Legend Guide: How to Level Up Quickly

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This post will tell you how to level up quickly in Inferno Legend!

Mainline Quest

Players can follow mainline story to accept and finish mainline quest after creating a character. Mainline quests are not only the main story of Inferno Legend, but also able to help players level up quickly. Players will be around level 30 after finishing mainline quests. Massive game elements will be emerged gradually with the development of mainline quests.




Players are able to enter into instances after reaching level 5. There are many special instances like "Amazon Gulch" "Lost Land" "Warlock Tower" "Mount Arreat" in the game. Players can bring their own Servant-Monster to get Exp, Equipment, Ghosts, Diamonds, Lineage and other essential elements quickly and head for the heaven.

Other Quests

Branches will be unlocked after mainline quests develop to a certain degree. Through training, Servant-Monster will be unlocked and you will receive rich exp as rewards. Besides, there are other extra quests like "Temple Ruin" "Dragon Nest" "Wildness Exploring" and so on to increase your exp and income.

Daily Check-in

Players can receive extra exp rewards every day. Besides, you will receive abundant diamonds, exp and devil points after finishing daily quests.


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