Inferno Legend Guide: Fighting

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Fighting is the main way for most players to gain experience and complete some quests in Inferno Legend. The contests between players are also included. Many players try the game just to enjoy the thrilling yet exciting feeling of fighting. If you don’t know how to fight, then how bad is your mood? So let’s learn the way to fight now.

Normal Attack
Click "Attack" to start normal attacks.
Normal Attack begins.

Skill Attack
Click the button "Skill" to open the page of skills. Choose the skills you want to use and click "Release" then the Skill Attack starts.

Auto Fight
Click "Auto", the battle carries out automatically. When you click "Auto fight" again, it’s cancelled.

Quit the battle
Click "Quit", you can leave the battlefield.

Learn the way to fight, you can enjoy the battle. Let’s fight to the bitter end!



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