Inferno Legend Guide: Wilderness Exploration

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Wilderness exploration is another unique gameplay of Inferno Legend. Players can find unknown scene, treasures, Servant-Monster and other systems through exploration. It also allows players to fully feel surprise and get rich rewards. How to break the wilderness exploration, earn a multitude of treasures? Fast-growing tips help you easily reach a higher level.

Wilderness Map


Before Exploration

So-called wilderness exploration is to explore the wild lands. It is a process of mining the treasure and rewarding. Players can explore the wilderness after completing Instance ACT.3-7. Players under Vip8 can explore 5 times a day, former 3 times with gold, remaining twice with diamonds.
The exploration instance will only appear after paying exploring conditions. Click the explore icon at the bottom right of the interface before the exploration, and then the exploring instance will appear. It is noteworthy that every exploration has a chance to explore new instance maps. New functions can be unlocked after the clearance of current instance. There might be rewards after the instance.

Instructions of Servant-Monster Recruiting

If you are rewarded with Servant-Monster after passing all progresses of the instance, then you can recruit it. As the skills, attributes of Servant-Monster Lord are much better than those of white, elite Servant-Monster, it will need higher requirements. You have to unlock before you can get. Both unlock and recruit need to consume Gold Soul which can be exchanged from Blue Soul and be obtained in Servant-Monster Lord instance. If you get insufficient Gold Soul, you can replace it with diamond, ratio 1:1.

Notes: there are white, blue and gold Servant-Monsters waiting for you to recruit.

Instructions of Treasure Puzzle

If you are granted special rewards like equipment, heritage crystal and memory crystal after passing all instance progresses, you will have to pass through the puzzle to receive these rewards. There are 2 forms to complete Puzzle, one is gold consumption which is 5 times a day, another one is diamond consumption which is only once a day.

Servant-Monster Skill Learning

Wilderness exploration also opened a Servant-Monster skill learning system. It will be unlocked as long as you defeat the instance "Ancient Library". Servant-Monster is able to lean brand new skills by using the skill scroll. It’s not at all difficult to get a scroll. It can be obtained at the mystery library or obtained by gold. You will never be worried about the wrong skills by using the forget system. They can forget every useless skill at any time, but it will cost a little.

Talent Tree

There are free lunches in Inferno Legend! Talent fruits can increase the attribution of Servant-Monster. In order to offer players a better gaming experience, the talent tree system has been opened in the new version. It is the biggest source of talent fruits. As long as you defeat the wilderness instance "Talent Tree", you can get talent fruits. There will be one fruit in every other hour, with a max cumulate of 8. Can this be called “super lovely free lunch”?

That concludes our wilderness exploration system. Good stuff deserves an experience. Mysterious wild places will give you a perfect adventure.



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