Inferno Legend Guide: Arena

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Arena is the platform for all players to contest. The stronger ones will be recorded on various lists and get extra rewards. Enter the Arena and enjoy the thrilling yet exciting fighting! There are Ranking, Treasure, Streak & Record in Inferno Legend.

Ranking: it shows your ranking which helps you to select your opponents. Once you defeat higher ranked players, you replace their rankings.


Treasure: when you defeat five players in the same floor, you can get treasure box.


Steak: you can challenge as many times as possible. The system will give you rewards according to your challenging times.


Record: It records your times and results of every challenge. If defeated, you can choose to revenge and challenge again.


Attachment: In the Arena, you can get not only ranking points, but achievements thus increase your power in PvP battle. It can bring you honor and accomplishments. Come to enter it now!



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