Indomitus Review: Anything Can Happen!

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Source: Indomitus: Anything can happen! from Gamasutra

Indomitus is a new, very innovative strategy game I recently started playing. The game is set during the barbarian invasion period, shortly after the fall of the Roman Empire. You play as a barbarian warlord, in a tribe of your choice, and fight with your teammates, hoping to achieve the ultimate goal, unification of Europe, under one tribe.

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When it was time, the Goths marched into battle, took heavy losses, but came out victorious. Within minutes, Gaul launched a counter attack on a key Goth city, but they managed to hold it, leaving the Gaul fairly exposed on all fronts. At the same time, the Vandals held up their end of the bargain and attacked from the south, things seemed to be going very well. The Huns however, depending on who you ask, did not do what they said they would.

The Huns waited a bit, took a few small cities, then surprise attacked Goth from behind. Underestimating Gaul’s loses, the Goths decided to beat back the Hun forces and take them out instead. Unfortunately, after being spread too thin on two separate fronts, the Goth defenses eventually fell to Gaul, and they were faced with two options: move to Vandal, and fight both the Gaul and Huns (would most likely end in defeat) or go to Gaul, but merely focus their attacks on Hun, and make them pay for their treachery.

Indomitus Screenshot

I tell you this because I feel it explains two great things about Indomitus: it requires players to work together, and anything can happen. Now would be a great time for new players to join the game, and learn how to play, before the current server resets, or a new one opens.

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