Indomitus Guide: Attacking Cities

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With a full understanding of Indomitus for a period of time,it's time to make a further improvement for playing.Today I will introduce the guide of attacking cities from its official forum for you players.

The first thing to know is that you should never attack a city alone in Indomitus. Your Guild commander will help organize attacks, and you pay attention to when to arrive. If you aren't part of a guild, join one right away! They'll help you get started and give you advice on the best places to build manors and deploy squads.

Guild Leaders 

Your Guild Commander can post strategies on the world map for guild members to see. Follow the instructions on the strategies carefully, and ask questions if it's not clear! Guild Commanders will often communicate with guild members through Mail as well. Check the strategies and your mail to stay up to date on upcoming attacks. Once an attack time is confirmed by the leaders, it's time to prepare for an attack.



Once you have rallied a squad, you can now deploy them to other cities. The farther the target city the more stamina, food, and march time will be required to get there. You should try to gather your squads close to an attack target before deploying so that you can arrive more quickly and consume less food. Once you're ready, just go to the world map, click on the target city, and click on Deploy Here. Choose the squads to deploy, and Roll Out! Make sure you have set Combat Settings before deploying, because you can't do this once they're on the road. Also, make sure you will arrive at the right time…


Attack Times

It's critical that your squads arrive EXACTLY at the correct attack time. If you arrive too early, your squads will be all alone and get slaughtered. If you arrive late, your allies may take extra casualties because you weren't there to help. So if the attack is scheduled for 6:00 PM, arrive at 6:00 PM! To do this: First, click Deploy Here on the target city and see how long the march times for your squads are. Then, deploy them at exactly that amount of time before the attack time. Ex. The march time is 1 hour 24 minutes 34 seconds. You would deploy at 4:35:26 PM to arrive exactly at 6:00 PM. If you arrive even 1 minute late, you cannot join the battle until the 2nd round, and it might be too late then!





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