Imperial Hero: Fulfill Your Destiny with Your Hero

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Imperial Hero

Imperial Hero is a web-base role-playing online game. The events in it occur in one of the numerous empires in IO Multiverse. The idea is: "Until now you have been the Emperor, ruling millions of people. Now you will be one of those millions."

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Game Features

The Heroes

The heroes in the game receive experience points upon defeating foes in battle-humanoids or monsters. The experience rewards, as well as the monsters' strength, item rewards, crafted items, as well as the dungeons in which the hero can explore, are divided into 5 Tiers:

- 1st to 9th level-Tier 1
- 10th to 19th level-Tier 2
- 20th to 29th level-Tier 3
- 30th to 39th level-Tier 4
- 40th to 50th level-Tier 5

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There are 3 hero classes in the game - Warrior, Ranger and Mystic

  • The Warrior possesses great strength and significant amount of health. He can equip the heaviest weapons and armor and usually is the first one to engage the enemies in battle, taunting them all to fight with him. The Strength and Vitality are his primary attributes.
  • The Ranger is the one using all kinds of ranged weapons - bows, crossbows, throwing knives and javelins. He can equip middle-weight armor. Agility and Dexterity are his primary attributes.
  • The Mystic possesses the power to heal wounds and to buff his allies. He can use only light armor and weapons. A weak fighter, his power is in his mystical abilities. Agility and Intelligence are his primary attributes.

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Hero Specialization

  • Upon reaching level 15, the hero is eligible for choosing specialization, thus, improving his skills in certain area. Each Hero can choose one of 2 paths to specialize.
  • The warrior can choose between Guardian and Fury Warrior. The Guardian receives bonuses and skills in increasing his defense abilities. The Fury Warrior receives bonuses and skills, which increase his offensive abilities.
  • The Ranger can choose between Shadow Hunter and Ghost Stalker. The Shadow Hunter perfects his bow and crossbow mastery. The Ghost Stalker emphasizes on improving the use of daggers, javelins and shields.
  • The Mystic can choose either the path of Light or the Dark. The Light Mystic learns powerful blessings, with which he grants great bonuses to his allies during battle. The Dark Mystic chants powerful curses upon his enemies.

The Professions

There are 3 main and 4 collecting professions in Imperial Hero. The main professions are:

  • Weaponsmith - specializes in crafting metal or wood weapons.
  • Armorsmith - specializes in crafting metal or leather armor.
  • Jeweler - specializes in crafting jewels – metal or incrusted with gems.

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