Immortal Night: Who are you? Vampire or Werewolf?

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Immortal Night

Who are you? Vampire or Werewolf?

The world of Immortal Night awakens your true self. A world shrouded in darkness, where the supernatural reigns and Mist and Mysticism are seeped in every move. Play the game of a life transformed by blood and venom. Where silver and holy water are weapons of mass destruction. Where demons thrive and the things of nightmares creep around every corner.

Vampires and Werewolves...allies or enemies? You decide as you evade human hunters while traveling around the globe feasting, prowling and battling rival Houses for territory. Become one of the privileged, establish your House as dominant, consult the tarot, throw the bones, collect Mythical Objects to aid in your Mischief. Grow your fangs and secure your seat on the council as you claw your way through the ranks to get to Ancient and take supreme power.

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The heart of the game is exploring. You could find six part of the city to explore. Each part also contain lots of places to adventure. Here you will find nearly everything you could do in Immortal Night.

Commerce Center

  • Shops: Here you can buy med(delete) supplies, weapons, armor, mission items(delete)mining goods and blood. These shops do not run out of inventory.
  • Immortal Businesses: These are player run businesses and prices and inventory will vary.
  • Gold Item Market: Gold is the currency used for buying on this market.
  • Item Market: You can go and see what people are selling here or post some items for sale. Cash is the currency for buying on this market.
  • Item Auction: Sell your goods to the highest bidder.
  • Gold Market: Come here to buy or sell Gold.
  • Repair Center: Repair your broken weapons or armor.
  • Trade Center: You can do private secure trades with other players here.
  • Soul Market - Come here to buy or sell Souls.

Money Manager

  • Travel Center: This will bring you to new cities with different shops. You need to have potions to travel. Keep in mind you can only fight someone in your current city.
  • Lair Agent: Buy your properties here.
  • Stock Market: Buy and sell stocks here
  • Gold Bank -- Stores your gold for safekeeping.
  • City Bank: Here you can deposit your money for safekeeping. You must first open an account for $5K. 1% interest is paid daily unless you purchase a Bank Investment Card; however, there is a cap on this account.
  • Swiss Bank Account: Costs $5M to open, will keep any amount of money safe. There is no interest paid on this account unless you purchase a Swiss Bank Investment Card.
  • Assignments: These are good for leveling and making a little extra cash.
  • My Stables: Your Animals are stored here.
  • Private Stables: Player Animal Market

In The Shadows

  • Houses: See a list of all the Covens and Packs in Immortal Night.
  • House Wars: A list of all current wars between Houses.
  • Marriage Center: Propose marriage to another player here. Married couples DO NOT share housing. Spouses DO have access to your bank account.
  • Russian Roulette: The chance to challenge other players in a game of life and death...sorta.
  • Russian Roulette Tournaments: multi player RR game.
  • Contract Center: Contracts can be taken out on players for a fee and Hitmen can accept those contracts.
  • The Pit of Despair: Where all the suspected cheaters and rule breakers on the game go.
  • City Grid - Here is where you search for humans to convert.
  • Soul Collector - Most things having to do with souls happen here.

Statistics Dept.

  • User List: Shows a list of all the players on the game.
  • Users in Town: Shows a list of all the players currently in the city you are in.
  • Users Online: Shows which players are active in a certain time period.
  • Hall of Fame: Details the top ranked players in a variety of areas.
  • Game Stats: A list of various statistics about the game.
  • Immortal Night Staff: A list of all the staff on Immortal Night.
  • Achievement Award: When you reach certain milestones in IN you are eligible for awards that can be exchanged for valuable game items.
  • Award Exchange: You can exchange your achievement awards for game items here.
  • Throw the Bones: Youve got questions; the answers you seek lie within the bones.

Odds And Ends

  • Gold Exchange: Trade your gold for various things.
  • The Underbelly: Fight NPCs here for experience and cash.
  • Intensive Training: You can enter here if you have Ancient Blood Shots. Your training is 4xs more effective in here.
  • Poll Center: Vote on various game polls here.
  • Mining: Here you can mine for gold, silver and gems to make or upgrade certain items.
  • Smelting: Smelt the Gold and Silver you uncover during Mining.
  • Ancient Offerings: You will need to provide an offering to the Ancients to move up in Rank.
  • Tarot: Consult the Tarot and receive items to help you in your game play. You may consult the Tarot 20 times per day (30 if you are privileged.
  • Prowl: You get 50 tries a day to Prowl your territory (75 if you are privileged). This gives you free stuff.

Gaming Center

  • Slot Machines: Go here to make your fortune, or lose your shirt.
  • Blackjack: Simplified blackjack game
  • High/Low game: Will the next card be higher or lower? You make the call.
  • Simple Roulette: This is the pick a number game
  • Craps: Take a roll of the dice.
  • The Lottery: You gotta play to win.
  • Russian Roulette: The chance to challenge other players in a game of life and death...sorta.
  • Russian Roulette Tournaments: multi player RR game.

Immortal Night Screenshots
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Yeah, besides exploring, as a text-based game, you will also find the attack feature in Immortal Night. Attacking will gain you experience when you win, but you lose experience if you lose. Attacking is a good way to get experience, and exert your superiority over those weaker than you. Clicking another link on the page to try and get out of a battle will result in massive experience loss.

When you start a fight, you will have the option of using any weapon that you currently have equipped. Guns will require ammunition; weapons, and armor may break during battle. When they do, they will be unequiped and the broken item will be put in your inventory. Broken items can be repaired in the repair shop for a portion of their original value. If you win in battle, you can either mug the other player for money, leave them lay for experience, or pummel them for revenge.

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