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Immortal King


In Immortal King, there are three types of heroes: Physical, Skill and Magic. Each hero has 3 stats: Strength, Valor and Spirit. Physical heroes have advantages over other heroes in 1 vs 1 battle. There are 2 types of magic heroes: Attack and Support. Attack heroes hold the best attack damage. While support heroes would be a good help in battle even if they are lacking of attack damage. Support heroes can help heal wounded heroes and decreases "CD" time of skills. In contrast for their good point, magic heroes have a very low defense. So we suggest you put your magical heroes behind other heroes. There are two types of skill heroes: Attack and Defense. Skill heroes consume morale when they use skill. Morale can be added by attacking enemy, and Sopport Heroes can help recover it, too. If you put defense heroes (eg. Alice) in front, they will only lose one troop per physical attack when they use their certain skill. If you find a strong thunder magic hero stand alone with a high damage and "can stun", we suggest you use your weakest thunder magic hero. Even though your hero is still weak, the chance of victory is almost equal.

Immortal King

Common Combination of heroes

Triple heroes: Kratos, Amycus, Hercules, Augustus, Robin Hood, Amycus and Argus.

Four heroes: Argus or Kratos, Theseus, Pandora, Augustus, Perseus, Euterpe, Keres, Amycus
Five heroes: Theseus, Amycus, Menelaus, Perseus, Euterpe, Keres and other skill attack type heroes, Pandora

Heroes's weapon

1. Weapon: increase hero's physical attack

2. Armor: increase hero's physical defense

3. Cloak: increase hero's skill defense

4. Grimore: increase hero's magic attack

5. Sceptre: increase amount of troops heroes can bring to battle (make your hero live longer)

6. Horse: increase hero's skill attack.

Hero of skill attack type shall equip with Horse; hero of physical attack type shall equip with Weapon; hero of magic attack type shall equip with Grimore. It's better to spend silver on several key equipment rather than forge everything.  

You need to focus on the quality rather than the quantity of equipment. A lv.4 weapon will be awarded to you if you use Jason to clear levels. Recruit Perseus and then employ horse. Equip defence type hero with one Armor and one Cloak; equip physical attack type with one Weapon; equip skill attack type with one Horse; equip magic attack type with one Grimore. Heroes who can use Shield Wall don't need Horse. Pandora doesn't need Grimore.

Train heroes

Heroes can be train in "Training Ground" and their stat can be increase in "Evolution"


  • Use fast track order for faster training (per fast track order = amount experience a heroes can receive per hour)
  • Use gold in "Evolution" for better result.
  • Try to keep your "Training Ground" same level as your "Temple" because the higher your "Training Ground", the higher experiences heroes can get.
  • Upgrade your "Academy" as well, when it reaches level 35, you can increase magic defense for your heroes.
  • lvl10 academy and lvl2 array can brings 3 heroes in battle;lvl25 academy lvl5 array brings 4 heroes;lvl50 academy lvl10 array 5 heroes.

Heroes at the early stage

1. Augustus

An unbeatable gladiator from Rome who is a descendant of god.

Basic attributes: Strength52, Valor 80, Spirit 48,

Skill: Power Stance Type: Golden Knight

Augustus is a common choice for most novice players due to his good Attack, Block, Dodge, Critical Hit, and high skill attack.

2. Attila

He was leader of the Hunnic Empire, called the Scourge of God by the Romans.

Basic attributes: Strength 47, Valor 59, Spirit 74

Skill: Dismember Type: Crossbow Cavalry

Attila has a high Critical Hit rate, his special skill can reduce the number of soldiers every round.

3. Beowulf

A heroic warrior from Geatland who never knows what fear means.

Basic attributes: Strength 74, Valor 57, Spirit 49 

Skill: Demoralizing Shout Type: Lightning Archer

Beowulf has a good physical attack and a high odds of Critical Hit. His special skill can reduce enemy's morale and the chances of cast skills. The disadvantage is that special skill is not obvious at early stage.

4. Kratos

The youngest caption of sparta's army, and the soul of sparta.

Basic attributes: Strength 76, Valor 50, Spirit 54

Skill: Shield Wall Type: Hammer Infantry

Kratos is good at defence. Damage will be reduced when his skill is released.

5. Cleopatra Ⅶ

An ancient Greek queen and the last pharaoh of Ancient Egypt.

Basic attributes: Strength79, Valor 49, Spirit 52

Skill: Crippling Blow Type: Lightning Warrior

Cleopatra Ⅶ has good physical attack power and high dodge. Special attack will reduce enemy's morale to zero, which is a deadly hit.

6. Joan of Arc

A national heroine of France and a Catholic saint.

Basic attributes: Strength43, Valor 77, Spirit 60 

Skill:Charge Forward Type: Flaming Knight

Joan of Arc has high speed and can takes advantage of first strike. Her special skill can hit a row of enemies, which can be used against T-type Array and Cross Array.

7. Robin Hood

A highly skilled archer and swordsman, he is known for robbing from the rich and giving to the poor;

Basic attributes: Strength59, Valor 60, Spirit 71

Skill: Execute Type: Armoured Archer

Robin Hood is good at using bow and arrow against enemy with high defense. He has a high Block rate (counterattack).

8. Theodura

She is perhaps the most influential and powerful woman in the Byzantine Empire's history.

Basic attributes: Strength 63, Valor 45, Spirit 72

Skill: Bladestorm Type: Firebird Rider

High HP and defence makes Theodura a real tanker. Allocate with horse of high attack power will make Theodura even stronger.

Heroes at the middle stage

1. Perseus+Heracles

Medusa Charge Cavalry Execute

Perseus Spearman Follow Through

Chiron Water Mage No Skill

Pandora Nymph Dancer No Skill

Prometheus Priest No Skill

Perseus's Follow Through is a good skill for PVE battles during this stage. Pandora is a must choice for skill attack. Prometheus and Chiron can also be used.

2. Peirithous &Theseus

Ariadne Steel Warrior Execute

Minotaur Mammoth Rider Crippling Blow

Theseus Armored Chariot

Peirithous Ballista

Theseus has high defence ability, Peirithous

3. Oedipus & Seven Heroes

Creon Golden Crossbow Power Stance

Menoeceus Military Band

Amphiaraus Griffin Rider Dismember

Adrastus Military Band

Sphinx Grove Keeper Charge Forward

Oedipus Fire Sower Demoralizing Shout

Skill attack can choose Menoeceus and Adrastus. Sphinx has good Valor but low Strength. Amphiaraus with good equipment can also be used.

Heroes at the later stage

1. Agamemnon (League: Troy I)

Paramedes     Death Knight    Charge Forward

Achilles      Blueflame Ballista    

Menelaus      Hammer Chariot   

Agamemnon    Sea Scorpion    Follow Through 




2. Priams  (League: Troy II)

Hector    Fireball Catapult

Paris     Lightning Archer    Follow Through 

Priams    Crossbow Cavalry    Blood Lust    


3. Odysseus (League: Odyssey)

Circe (upgraded version of Kratos and Argus)       Death Warrior         Shield Wall 

Calypso    High-Wind Warrior      Bladestorm         

Odysseus   Firebird Rider          Demoralizing Shout 

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