Immortal King Guide: A Road to More Silvers

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Immortal King

As a war strategy game, silver is the only resource in Immortal King. Therefore, you don't need to worry about collecting different resources and can focusing on investing silvers wisely.

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Crop Reserves

At the initial stage of the game, you can take advantage of price difference and make a profit. At the later stage, you may have great losses of troops. Therefore, it's better to buy crops at a lower price and don't sell them unless you've got enough crops and the price is rather high.

Fortify Equipment

Equipment is a tricky part in the game. Skill type hero needs to fortify Horse; defense type hero needs to fortify Armor; magic attack needs to fortify Grimoire.
It is suggested not to fortify a single weapon to a level that is too high. Enhancing Armor or Cloak also enables you resisting attacks.

Trade and Business

Join in popular league can guarantee you a place to do business. Raise the profit of your trade caravan first, and then increase the number of caravans.

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Colony and Contribution

Being a colony will not affect you much. However, you can receive extra Contribution by levying your colony. So why not persuade some active players in a League to be your colony and make a handsome earning?

Meanwhile, silver mine and farm will also bring you great profits. In short, you can earn money from saving.



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