Immortal King Guide: Equipment

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Immortal King

I. Equipment Quality

The colors of equipment represent their quality. Equipment quality from low to high are: White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red and Purple. Equipment with high quality can make you earn more attack and defence power after Forge.

Immortal KingImmortal KingImmortal KingImmortal KingImmortal KingImmortal King

II. Equipment Types

Every hero can carry 6 equipments of different attributes.


Immortal King

The attacks of Heroes are divided into three types: Normal Attack, Skill Attack and Magic Attack. Weapons can only enhance Normal Attack. The need of a weapon depends on the type of attack. For example, for hero who is better at Skill Attack, there will be no difference on its attack power even if the hero uses a high level weapon with the best attributes. So if you have a good weapon, it is best to give it to physical attack type hero.


Immortal King

Armor serves to increase physical defense. The armor can defend against physical attacks, and not likely to make a difference if used against skill attack or magic attack. Therefore it is more efficient if you give armor to heroes who are at the forefront of a battlefield as they'll face enemy attacks first.


Immortal King

Horse can strengthen the power of Skill Attack. Forge a high quality horse for the leading skill attack type hero is very important. Player who reaches level 30 can obtain high quality horse by Employ them on the shop.


Immortal King

Cloak serves to resist skill attacks. High quality cloak can be obtained the same way as obtaining horse. You can get high quality Cloak via Employ.


Immortal King

Grimoire can strengthen magic attack, which cannot be defended by any equipment. You can obtain Grimoire by doing daily quests. Only level 10 quests will reward you with purple Grimoire.


Immortal King

Scepter can increase the number of soldiers and is best used in the later stage of the game. Since the gap of attack power between players in the advanced stage is not very large, HP will be the determinant factor. Equipping Scepter is like add more HP to the hero. When both sides of the war have the same attack and defence power, the side with more soldiers is more likely to win. Scepter may be obtained when you pass some stages on the map. VIP players can also buy high quality Scepters in VIP shop.



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