Immoral Attack Guide: Weapons And Armors

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Immoral Attack

Immoral Attack is an adventure themed RPG game. During playing you are supposed to imagine your life that is full of monsters, beasts and sieges. Where destroying every monster that falls in your path is only part of your duties. Where building your kingdom and defending it from your foes is a constant challenge and where bringing down almighty beasts is the greatest challenge and ultimate reward of all. Here is the guide about Weapons and Armors presented by Eldron from the official forum.

Immoral Attack

Weapons and armor are purchasable with credits via the Actions drop down menu. You can further upgrade your weapon and armor to Insane, Enchanted, Legendary, and Named.

Insane items are obtained via the Master Crafter using crafting stones, or a beast drop of a Melenial.

Enchanted items are upgraded from Insane by killing the Ghost of Dullahan beast. You can also use the Master Enchantress to obtain these items.

Legendary items are upgraded from Enchanted by killing the Immoral King.

Named items are upgraded from Legendary via the Crazy Citizen NPC.

Reaper items are obtained by killing The Battered Soul of Dullahan and The Creator beasts in the Plane of Souls.

Top Weapons and Armor Attack Power:

Rapid Decapitator - 600 Att Power
Sword of InSaNiTy - 1200 Att Power
Enchanted Sword of InSaNiTy - 2400 Att Power
Legendary Sword of the Ancient Kings - 4800 Att Power
Sword of The Heavenly DJ - 14400 Att Power
Reaper's Scythe - 30,000 Att Power

Hellforge - 600 Defense
InSaNe - 1600 Defense
Enchanted 3200 Defense
Legendary - 5600 Defense
Named - 16800 Defense
Reaper - 40,000 Defense




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