A Multiplayer Ice-Hockey Game

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Comment () Views ( ) is a multiplayer ice-hockey game. You need nothing more than a web browser with Java support to play. Each player except goalkeepers is human-controlled; one person controls just one player.

You take control of one player. Players' names are printed above them. All other players are controlled by another human player except goalkeepers, which are computer-controlled. Beginners should consider playing 3 vs 3 matches at first, and watch how more experienced users play.

Spectating a Match

A beginner can get an understanding of the gameplay by spectating matches played by more experienced players. Team matches can be found in the Team tab. After selecting a suitable match you can join it and watch.
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Joining a Training Match

  • Beginners’ rooms are meant for beginners. These rooms don't require registration and the goalkeepers are lower level.
  • Goalkeepers in Training rooms are normal level.
  • Training (reg) rooms are only available for registered players.
  • Pro and Elite-rooms are for players who have reached the respective experience level.
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You can create a team if you have “Team Creation” VIP service. You can recruit players in your team by sending them an invite. When a player has been invited to a team, he/she can accept or reject the invitation on the Teams page. Creator of the team is automatically a master member. The master can promote other members to master or admin status, they can also kick other members off the team or change the description, logo or jersey colors.


  • The game can't be mastered instantly, don't give up
  • Try to get the goalie to a sideway motion or on his knees, in these cases catching the puck is harder
  • An optimal shot is a) not along the ice, but not too high, b) as hard as possible, c) as far from the goalie as possible, ie. near a post, d) made so that the goalie doesn't see it
  • One or two players may go in between the puck and goalie to block his view. These players can hold the right mouse button down to avoid hitting the puck
  • Pass
  • Especially for a beginner it may be easier to practise with smaller teams, e.g. 3 players
  • By clicking the left mouse button you can do a short pass to yourself. In this way you can advance faster than by normal movement holding the puck

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