Hey Baby: (18x) It's Payback Time, Boys...

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Hey Baby

Hey Baby is a first person shoot videogame that finally gives the ladies a chance to get some full-auto payback from all the foul-mouthed sleazebags on the street.

Are you tired of your milkshake bringing all the boys to the yard? Maybe you should think about trading in that tasty dairy beverage for something a little more practical. Like an M4A1 carbine, for instance. Not a practical option in real life, perhaps, but thanks to the magic of videogames and the newly released Hey Baby, you can get the next-best thing in the virtual world.

Hey Baby
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"Street harassment can make women feel uncomfortable or unsafe in their daily lives. Cities are such amazing places, and it's important to create positive interactions in shared public spaces. Hey Baby gives women a space to act out their ridiculous revenge fantasies and to laugh about it."

Hey Baby
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In Hey Baby, gamers will step into the heels of a woman on the streets of the city that just happens to be packing an assault rifle. The presence of the fully-automatic weapon doesn't seem to be much of a sleaze deterrent, however, as every single man on the street has something stupid to say as he walks by. What's a poor woman to do? Keep walking and pretend she didn't hear? Not anymore, sister! It's payback time boys!

Hey Baby
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