HeroSmash Guide: Newbie Guide

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Hero Smash

Hero Smash Guide For Noobs by GammaProductionZz

Herosmash FAQ's by Burn

1)What is herosmash? 
Formally named Superheroquest, Herosmash is BattleonGames's new MMORPG.

2) What is the best way to farm Fame? 
The best way is fighting a Destroyer for the danger claws, which sell for 3500 gold. This is the most efficient way for now. 

3) Can I use superpowers? 
As of March 23rd, a mix-n-match powers system that lets you pick and equip your own powers to customize your hero (or villain's) abilities! 

4) Anyone know any good armor templates so I can practice armor making? 
Here, thanks to coolboypai. 

5) Where do I find superpowers? 
Go left to the NPC in liberty, and you will find the shop. You can't miss it. 

6) What's the best way to farm experience? 
The best way to farm experience is to /join alley and fight the monsters there, since they are all level 5 or 6. 




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