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Hero Smash


To make it a command, add the forward slash, e.g /afk

afk: Toggles your afk status on/off
fly: You jump into the air and fly. If you are already flying, you land.
friend <player's name>: Invites player to join your friends list.
goto <character name>: Go directly to a specific player (presuming the destination room is not full.)
house <player's name>: Go to someone's house. If they don't have one, displays message "House not Found".
join <location name>: Takes you to the desired location.
join <location name>-<room number>: You can join custom rooms over 1000 and under 100000, as long as they are not full.
report <abusive player name>: Brings up the report menu.
w/tell <player's name>: Whisper someone privately.
<player's name> > : Whisper someone privately.
[shift]+click a name in the chat window: Quickly lets you whisper that player.
1 or s: Speak in normal chat.
c: Speak in private chat (after someone pm's you.)
p: Speak in party chat.
r: Reply to the last person that whispered you in private chat.
> (space): Reply to the last person that whispered to you in private chat.
friendon: Toggles friend invites on.
friendoff: Toggles friend invites off.
ignore <player name>: Ignores a player.
unignore <player name>: Unignores a player.
partyon: Toggles party invites on.
partyoff: Toggles party invites off.
pmon: Toggles whispers on.
pmoff: Toggles whispers off.
pi/invite <player's name>: Invites player to join your party.
ps <player's name>: Summons a player. (Must be in your party. You can't summon yourself.)
repairavatars: Repairs/refreshes incomplete Avatars.


To make it a command, add the forward slash, e.g /dance

cheer: you cheer
cry: you cry
dance2: you move your head
jump: you jump
laugh/lol: you laugh
wave: you wave

Keyboard Shortcuts

1: Auto-Attack target. If no target selected, Auto-Attack nearby monster.
T: Target - When highlighted on another player pressing T selects their target.
L: Quest Log - Brings up a list of the quests that are accepted
F: Brings up your Friends List..
U: Brings up the list showing all players in your zone
I: Opens your Inventory.
V: Shows the Health Bar under character names.



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