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Heroes of Kung Fu Screenshots


Heroes of Kung Fu Review

By Manolo, BBGsite Columnist

Just like the years that come and goes from old 2009 to new 2010, games are similar. Our traditional browser games have change drastically over the years, from flash games to new innovative browser game style. Goodbye to the old one and meet the new one. An evolution of browser gaming without the need for download, low system requirements, low tendency on the forever enemy, called “LAG” and a really MMORPG feel that takes you back way before online gaming are made. And now, here is another amazing browser mmorpg game called HoK or Heroes of Kung-Fu. Taken from china with over 30 million populated players playing the game, it has made its way up and all over the world.

I wonder… What is the secret of its success? How about we take a look? Are you not curious why it has 30 million players playing it? This is a competitive result enough to WOW, one of the most popular MMORPG in the world. Come and join me then as we delve into this New Most Popular Heroes of Kung Fu Browser game!

Hmm…. let’s see

Heroes of Kung Fu Screenshots
The Island of Penglai

Heroes of Kung Fu is a Massive Multiplayer Online Historical PvP Martial Arts Role Playing Browser based Game with numerous amounts of quests and equipments at the player’s disposal. Heroes of Kung Fu takes place during the Warring States period of ancient China, where wars are fueled with rage almost everywhere. Your role is a warrior coming from modern times to the ancient times to help your own country stand against invaders.

Weapons and Inventory System

You can choose your favorite weapons and learn relevant skills for your character, and excel by winning over others in the arena. (Meaning, if you defeat someone in the Arena, you can make your opponent your slave and you will continue gaining experience. If you become a slave, you need to challenge the player who defeated you in the Arena, to earn your freedom.)

* Those who use spears are righteous knights. They are robust and possess great constitution and arm power. In fights, they dominate with superior physical attacks and great defensive power. People call them Knights.

* The sword is the most popular weapon both in ancient times and the present. A sword user features balanced fighting power. People call them Knight-errant.

* Most dagger users are good at assassination. They control the fight with stealth and unpredictability. Speed and luck play critical roles in their fighting action. They often hide themselves among the public and launch a fatal attack at decisive moments. People call them Hermits.

Heroes of Kung Fu Screenshots

One thing that catches my attention is the Drag and Drop item in inventory. It makes you feel you’re playing Diablo. Now, I see why people play it because it’s good. ^^

Heroes of Kung Fu Screenshots

Heroes of Kung Fu Screenshots

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