Heroes of Kung Fu Guide: 5-Minute Tutorial

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Heroes of Kung Fu

Heroes of Kung Fu is a browser based role playing game with numerous amounts of quests and equipments at the player’s disposal. This is a 5-Minute Tutorial made by the GM of Heroes of Kung Fu. Check below:

Heroes of Kung Fu: 5-Minute Tutorial

By lordsofevil in the official forum

Upon entering and playing the game, the first thing you must do is try to constantly increase the level of your character.  To increase the level of your character, you must earn experience points by defeating monsters and completing missions.  Your character will also expend Energy points upon gaining EXP points by completing missions and fighting with other monsters.  Energy points are crucial to the speed in which your character can level up.  You can also go to the Arena to battle other gamers and their characters, if you win you will be awarded items, which can improve your character.  Most importantly, the winner can claim the loser as their slave, the longer you enslave them, the more EXP points you will obtain.  Besides that, you can also have your slaves do dirty work for you as well.

Wandering around in the game of <Heroes of Kung Fu> can also be very dangerous.  There is a good chance you can be assassinated by other players, but those are the perfect opportunities for you to prove that your character is worthy of being called a hero.  Once you have established your reputation among the 6 kingdoms, you can elect officials to take care of relations with the other kingdoms leading your fellow citizens to declare war against the other kingdoms.

As for the <Heroes of Kung Fu> newbie’s, our system will recommend 3 advanced gamers for you to choose from to become your mentor.  Your mentor will guide and help you if you need his assistance.  After you have successfully chosen a mentor, you will receive a series of prizes and gifts.

At the beginning of the game we will give you 100 coupons, upon being promoted to the next rank we will give you 800 coupons.  Upon logging into the game for the first time, you can click on a button in the top right hand corner of the screen to receive a complimentary newbie gift bag.  This is just a little token of appreciation for returning to the Warring States period and helping with the war.


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Heroes of Kung Fu Screenshots
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