Heroes of Kung Fu : Adventure in Ancient China With Your Kung Fu

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Heroes of Kung Fu

Heroes of Kung Fu
is a browser based role playing game with numerous amounts of quests and equipments at the player’s disposal. Heroes of Kung Fu takes place during the Warring States period of ancient China, where wars are fueled with rage almost everywhere. Your role is a warrior coming from modern times to the ancient times to help your own country stand against invaders. You can choose your favorite weapon and learn relevant skills for your character, and excel by winning over others in the arena. There are plenty of opportunities for adventuring, fighting to the death, creating or joining a martial hall, and participating in the martial hall battles. Also, thousands of unique missions and challenging instances are waiting for you.

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Three Special Professions to Unlock Your Journey as a Hero

 There are 3 special professions in Heroes of Kung Fu: spear, sword and dagger.

  • Those who use spears are righteous knights. They are robust and possess great constitution and arm power. In fights, they dominate with superior physical attacks and great defensive power. People call them Knights.
  • The sword is the most popular weapon both in ancient times and the present. A sword user features balanced fighting power. People call them Knight-errant.
  • Most dagger users are good at assassination. They control the fight with stealth and unpredictability. Speed and luck play critical roles in their fighting action. They often hide themselves among the public and launch a fatal attack at decisive moments. People call them Hermits.

Heroes of Kung Fu Screenshots
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Free Your Hands and On-Hook Practice

The monster fighting and practicing mode is very unique in Heroes of Kung Fu, which discards the boring monster fights and leveling mode in traditional web games. As a gamer in Heroes of Kung Fu, you can input the on-going times for continuous practice according to your current energy points. Then the system will beat monsters and practice your character for you automatically, and exp. and equipments will be gained easily.

Heroes of Kung Fu Screenshots
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Unique Slave System

The unique slave system was originally created in Heroes of Kung Fu by merging the features of the Warring States. You just need to defeat your opponent in the arena, and the opponent will become one defeated by you. Click the slave market, and you’ll see his/her name in your defeated list. You can capture him/her as your slave and send him/her to work in the city to give benefits to you. Besides, he/she also has to give you 10% exp. each time he/she gets exp.! If you do not want to be enslaved, then fight and rebel against your master.

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