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Heroes of Gaia

Heroes of Gaia is a free browser game set in a world of swords, elves and magic. Players choose from four races: Humans, Elf, Orc or Undead as they race to build their Castles, amass armies, forge alliances and lead their Heroes on epic adventures to slay fearful creatures of the land.

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This is a review from BBGsite forum. The author Manolo C. Lorenzo reviewed the game through the battle, the graphics, the role play, the tratics ... Check details below:

Heroes of Gaia Review

From BBGsite forum

Battle = 7

I really like the battle outline because you can control the units and formed your own strategy and tactics in fighting. It’s tactical and you need to consider all aspects of each units and heroes stats, abilities, items and weapons, magic, movement speed/reach of each unit, damage calculation and so forth. It’s like commanding a real battle and you’re the General who orders the battle formation. It’s not perfect but at the rate out of 10, I put 7 on it!

Graphics = 7

Although, graphics can take your breath away and awed you, I don’t really give it particular attention. What makes a good game is not the graphics itself but the graphics is a bonus points to a good game. For this game, the graphics are ok and more than the average graphics out there. I really like how the graphics looks like in this game because it reminds me of those “Magic Cards” I’m playing such as “Magic The Gathering” Playing Cards.

Role Play = 8

The Role Play is awesome! As I’ve save on the battle ratings, it makes you feel that you are in the battlefield commanding over your units to fight a war. Not to mention the essential role play of being a King to govern your castle, how you carefully plan your way up to conquer all over other players as the great King like “Alexander the Great.”

Tactics = 10

I rate it 10 because I really like tactical games where you can play all the pieces/units like a chess board. You can create tactical maneuvers and combos. Even if your outnumbered, your being a strategist makes a difference between victory and defeat!

Friendly User Interface = 7

The game is very easy to play and understand! The interface is very friendly and very adaptable.

Internet Connectivity = 8

It has very good connection because it’s a browser game. For me particularly who has an average internet connection, I am thankful with its good internet connectivity because mostly, I am lagging on Online RPG 3D games due to my slow internet connection but with Heroes of Gaia, there is no problem but sometimes, my internet get so slowed that I will only have 1 bar of server signal of the game and I can’t see the graphics of the game anymore. But that fault is my internet.


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